Release Date:







October 2011

Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery


Jared Barel

Jared Barel, Jordan Barel

Jared Barel, Alex Goz



John Mack is the new Chief of Police in Bullard Valley, a peaceful, little farming community away from the hustle and bustle of New York City, a place where Chief Mack and his family can start over and live the quiet life. But as a plague of mysterious deaths and disappearances move through town, Chief Mack's quiet life might be short-lived as he and Ufologist Charlie Heller go on the hunt for whatever is behind these tragedies. Is the source of their troublesextraterrestrial?


"[Jared Barel] produces a visual experience so different from the norm it makes a lasting impression. Visually I instantly fell in love with Grey and found each turn of the page to be more awe-inspiring than the last... This is a must read graphic novel that will leave you attempting to sleep with one eye open for weeks to come." - Comics Forge

"GREY is an intense, exciting, almost Hitchcockian alien invasion story. This graphic novel has 'soon to be a major motion picture' written all over it." - Brendan Deneen, writer of Flash Gordon and ex-DOD of The Weinstein Company

"The book has all the makings of a great Twilight Zone episode. You have your suspicions as to what's going on out in those fields, but you don't find out the specifics until the very end and by that point the twist knocks the wind right out of you… One thing to think of too is if they used actual pictures for the art in this book, what did they use for the shots of the aliens? Grey is a well written alien invasion story that creeps up the suspense very subtly before driving everything home in a nice little UFO-shaped bow. It has an art style that I've never seen in comics, but it's one that clearly takes time and a lot of skill. It should also be noted that this is a self-published book and despite that, it's one of tremendous quality. The comic itself has a better look to it than I've seen from most of the trades from the big two publishers. Loaded Barrel Studios did not skimp on Grey at all and it shows." - James Ferguson,

"The art and storytelling was fantastic… Everything serves the true master of this work, and that is the story, and it does it with grace and a huge dose of HOLY %$&#*$!!!!" - Jim McCann, Eisner Award Winning Writer and Co-Creator of RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN


Independent Publisher Book Awards - WINNER: Silver Medal Best Graphic Novel